Measures to prevent and combat the spread of CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)

Disaster management Act (Act 57 0f 2002)

The aim and objective of the TOTAL LOCK DOWN is to impose immediate mandatory isolation of each and every occupant of the affected Villages of Baken and Sendelingsdrift and all and any Mining Sites in order to prevent and mitigate the risk, spread and contraction of the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) which threatens the very lives and livelihood of all such occupants, and indeed the very existence and continuation of mining operations.

The Northern Cape, and in particular the LOR Mining Area, can be seen as a safe haven which has to date escaped COVID 19 infection.

The occupants of the affected Villages of BAKEN and SENDLINGSDRIFT include:

Employees of LOR, Plateaux, and all the respective partners Joint Venture partners and their families; 

All other Joint Venture Contractors, their Employees and their families;

All Service Providers, their employees and families residing in Baken and/or Sendelingsdrift;

Any other person(s) and/or their families residing in Baken and/or Sendelingsdrift;

The TOTAL LOCK DOWN is effective as from 17h00 on Tuesday 24 March 2020 and endures until such time as expert and considered Governmental Health Authorities are of the opinion that it is safe to lift such self-isolation and end the LOCK DOWN.

 Control gates have been erected at the entrances to and exits from Baken and Sendelingsdrift (“the Villages”) monitoring all and any persons both access to and egress from the Villages.

Any person who exercises his/her right to leave the Villages and/or any of the Mining Areas, whether prior to or during the TOTAL SHUTDOWN PERIOD, shall not be allowed to return to the Villages until such time as the TOTAL LOCK DOWN is lifted and may only return to the Village(s):

  • Upon production of a current Medical Certificate certifying that he/she is free of the Corona Virus;
  • And after re-admittance to the Village(s) has spent an uninterrupted period of 14 days in self-isolation in a venue designated by Management, which venue will not necessarily be the venue previously allocated to that person.

LOR has made the necessary arrangements with, amongst other suppliers, Onse Winkel, to carry sufficient essential stock at competitive prices.

LOR shall endeavour to provide a Courier Service to deliver on a regular basis to all other essential items including food and medicines, for collection and distribution o the Village(s).

As the TOTAL LOCK DOWN applies to, and affect Sanddrift residents, many of whom purchase their groceries from Onse Winkel, LOR will also ensure that sufficient supplies of groceries are also delivered to Onse Winkel to cater for the needs of Sanddrift.

The various shops in Sanddrift can place COD orders with Onse Winkel, which orders will be delivered to a control point at the boom gate or to Sanddrift shops.

Meals at the Mess (Menasie) are being served to smaller groups of employees per sitting, with seating arrangements so spaced between Employees to minimize the risk of the spread of Corona Virus, with eating spaces cleaned with disinfectant between each sitting.

Each Hostel Block has been provided with Sanitizer and cleaning material for regular hygienic cleaning of passages, showers and toilets.

Village based Consultants and Service Providers and their employees/families are subject to the LOCK DOWN PROTOCOL and procedures. For sake of clarity, no Consultant/Service Provider or employee/family in the Villages will after LOCK DOWN be entitled to exit the Villages and return at a later date or be substituted by any other person. A person who elects to elects to exit the Villages is allowed to return to the Villages. other than in terms of the procedure set out in clause 3.2 above.

Any person who has to has to exit the Village(s) or Mining Areas for emergency medical treatment or any reason deemed to be an emergency, and thereafter wishes to return to the Villages having no other residence to go to, shall only be allowed to re-enter the Villages in terms of specific procedures, including isolation and/or quarantine.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic which is changing the face of normality in the world as we know it. Let us be mindful of the responsibility that we all as a community have to protect each other.